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At Zone Bowling we strive to ensure your safety but there may be some inherent risks with using our venues.

How to stay safe and have more fun!

Our Funsquad team are here to help you. Please follow any instructions they provide and any safety signage displayed in the venue.

We ask that you respect our Funsquad members and any harassment, intimidation, aggression or inappropriate behaviour towards our team will result in removal from our venue and possibly further action.

kidsafe TEEG


Zone Bowling is fun for all different age groups, but we are especially mindful of our youngest guests. Even though parents and carers must take responsibility for persons under their supervision we also strive to provide a safe space for kids in our venues.

A few of our KidSafe initiatives:

  • Kids under the age of 12 years old must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Any unaccompanied children will be assisted by our friendly team. We may seek assistance from local authorities if necessary.
  • We provide suitable and safe, age-appropriate entertainment but a few of our games and attractions have age or height limits to enjoy:
    • Spin Zone Bumper Cars – no kids under 4 years of age (height limits also apply).
    • Laser Tag – no kids under 6 years old sorry.
    • MA15+ Games – we have a few video arcade games that are rated MA15+. These contain some content not advisable for unaccompanied kids under 15 years old. These are clearly labelled on the game.
  • Please take extra care with kids around our bowling lanes, laser tag arenas, and games areas.


The Foul Line - Bowling lanes are covered with oil and are extremely slippery. There are warning signs at the start of each lane (the black foul line) showing you where the oil starts. Crossing the foul line may cause you to slip, fall and can cause serious injury.

The Ball Return - The ball return has moving parts. Keep your hands, and your kids, away from the opening of the ball return and wait for your ball to come to rest before collecting it - we don’t want squashed fingers. Please watch children in the vicinity of the ball returns.

Shoes – When bowling we ask that you do not wear boots, heels, thongs or jandals, crocs or sandals. Trainers can be worn and should be clean and dry. For the old-school experience, Zone Bowling Shoes are available from our service counters.

The Approach - This is the area where you take your walk-up to the lane. No food or drink is allowed on the approach area.

Laser Tag

No Running or Climbing - We know Laser Tag is an exciting game but use caution and skill when playing. Running and climbing in our arenas can cause collisions and falls leading to injury. Play safe and have fun.

No Physical Contact – Try and remain apart from other players when in the arena. Collisions may cause injury or result in your removal from the game.

Strobe Lights - Our Laser Tag arenas have strobe lights operating in them. If you know you suffer adverse effects from these lights, please speak to our team prior to playing.

Please note that the minimum age for laser tag is 6 years old.

Product Safety Recall

The following products that been sold between 22 June 2022 - 7 June 2023 have been recalled and guests must stop using the product immediately and keep it out of reach of children. Guests should return the item to the venue of purchase to receive a full refund. Click on each item below for further details:

To find out more about the recall please contact us at: