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Frequently asked questions

Answers to the burning questions

Are you ready to hit the lanes? Keen to step into the laser battlegrounds? Bowled up an appetite? Or do you have a question before you rock up and rock out at ZONE BOWLING? Check out the categories below for our frequently asked questions. 

Frequently asked questions


I am ready to bowl it off, how long does one game take to complete?

One game of bowling at ZONE BOWLING lasts around 45 minutes to 1 hour for 5 to 6 people. Plenty of time to score a perfect 300. To be more specific, it translates to each game lasting approximately 10 minutes per person on the lane. 

Awesome, but how many people per lane?

6 people or less per lane. 

I have more than 6 people bowling in my group, will we be bowling together?

Yes, you will, if you book ahead and guarantee your lanes. For all bookings of over 6 people, you will automatically be given 2 side by side lanes.

I wore jandals, and forgot my socks, do you sell socks in venue?

We sell socks in venue for $4.50!

What is the deal with shoes, can't I just wear my own?

Bowling shoes are specially made as they allow customers to "slide" when Bowling, helping you hit that strike. It is important that these shoes are worn at all times as the incorrect footwear is a potential safety risk and can damage the approach to the lanes. 

What is our size range for shoes?

We range from Toddlers size 6 up to Men’s size 16
Men's bowling shoe sizes are the same as their normal shoes.
Women's bowling shoe sizes are two sizes below their normal shoe size. Example a ladies size 8 is a bowling size 6.
Kid's shoe sizes are the same as their normal shoes.
Unfortunately, there are no half sizes.

Can I do bowling and laser?

Yes you can, check out our standard games pricing to book in the deal.

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How long does a game of laser tag last?

One game of laser lasts around 15 minutes, this includes briefing and de-briefing.

Is there a minimum age for Laser Tag?

For safety reasons, the minimum age for children in our laser arenas is 6 years old. A party for a child turning 5 years old CANNOT be for Laser Tag.

Do I need to wear enclosed shoes?

For safety reasons, it is recommended that guests wear enclosed shoes while playing Laser Tag. If you are not wearing appropriate footwear we can provide bowling shoes for guests to wear. 

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Food and Beverage

I make a mean hommus dip, can I bring my own food and drinks to centre?

No outside food and beverage of any kind is permitted to be brought into the bowling centre. 

Hmmm okay, what food do you sell?

Check out our Menu here!

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Is the pricing per person or for the lane?

All prices are per person, unless it is a price based on quantity of people. Check out our pricing page for more information

What's the cheapest you can do for us for a family of (4, 5, 6 etc.) with bowling?

Great question, have you checked out our family play pack.

Or if it is school holidays check out our school holiday pricing.

What deals are there on the weekends?

On our weekends we have the following deals available:

  • Family Play Pack: $45 for a family of four (two adults maximum, shoe hire included)
  • Double Play: $15 per person 
  • Standard Games: From $14.50 per person 

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Opening Hours

What are ZONE BOWLING's opening hours?

Select your venue here to view their opening hours. 

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What about refunds?

Check out our refund policy here >>

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How much will it cost me to play?

It's up to you. You can recharge any amount, but the larger the amount you recharge the more bonus bucks you will receive.

Can I split a reload of $100 across more than one card?

No. For Arcade Credit to be applied the full amount must be applied to one card. If you split the money across two cards the lesser ratio per card will apply.

Will my points & credit transfer across to Timezone?

Yes, they will! We want you to still be in the running to collect enough tickets to win that plushie you’ve been saving up for!

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Birthday Party FAQs

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How much does a ZONE BOWLING party cost?

We need 100 of your favourite dollars as a booking deposit - it's the only way to keep Meryl from accounts happy. Then, we need the final balance four business days before your party, based on your final number of guests. This deposit is non-refundable from the date of booking on.

What is the minimum number of guests for a birthday party booking?

A minimum of 10 guests will get the party started.

What does the party host do?

Save the lives of parents, that's what! Your party host will keep the kids entertained on the day and sort out all the nitty gritty organisational details before. But remember: your party host is not an actual parent, so while he/she will guide activities for the duration of the party, we still need the parents, guardians or carers to stay close for supervision.

What does a 'carer' mean?

A carer is a parent, guardian or adult responsible for supervising the party kids and also acts as a touchpoint for our hosts. We recommend that carers are present for the duration of your party. Carers are there to ensure the kids are all in attendance during each activity, escort the kids to the bathroom and ensure they are behaving appropriately in the venue. If there is a problem the host will inform the carers, so it is necessary to remain in the venue to be able to supervise the party.

Can I bring my own birthday cake?


Can I/we bring my own food?

Nope, sorry. It's not you, it's us: our food options are just way too yummy, so you have to experience it! 

Where do we eat?

In the ZONE BOWLING party room (at selected centres only), or on the concourse, subject to availability.

Can ZONE BOWLING organise party invitations?

Well, duh! you can phone us at 03 668 3267 (Garden City) or 09 887 8513 (Botany) to have your invitations posted to you, or head into your selected ZONE BOWLING to pick some up! Alternatively, you can download them and print them yourself.

Do you provide bowling socks?

Nope. Remember to remind all guests to bring their own pair of socks! Socks are also available for purchase in venue.

What time should I arrive for our party?

We suggest arriving 15 minutes before your start time: this will help with organising shoes, food, details etc, and ensure that your party begins on time and that none of the guests miss out on any of the fun. Your party will commence on the hour: no waiting for latecomers!

How long is a birthday party at ZONE BOWLING?

Depending on the party package you have chosen:

  • One Pin - approximately 2 hours
  • Two Pin - approximately 2 ½ -3 hours
  • Epic Party - approximately 2 ½ -3 hours

The party tables will be available for up to 45 minutes. Please note that even though we make every effort to guarantee tables are available for adults, this may not be possible during busier periods.

Do I need to confirm my booking?

Yes - please call us on the Wednesday before your party to confirm the following:

  • Final number of guests attending, so that we can have ensure enough staff and catering on the day;
  • Any special dietary requirements i.e. vegetarian or food intolerances;
  • Whether you'd like to order any additional platters for the kids or parents attending; and
  • For the best party experience for your guests, we recommend ZONE BOWLING parties for kids aged 5 and above.

Can I change the food I ordered for the party?

Platters cannot be cancelled within 72 hours of the party, so choose wisely, Padawan!

Can I book a birthday party for twins, or have a combined party?


I am having trouble booking my party, please help me!

No problem! please call us on 03 366 3323 (Garden City) or 09 272 0333 (Botany) and one of our team will help you

Can I book out the Laser Tag area?

Only if your party group fills the Laser Tag arena to capacity - if not, other players may be playing at the same time.

What is the minimum age for Laser Tag?

For safety reasons, the minimum age for children in our laser arenas is six years old. A party for a child turning five years old cannot be for Laser Tag.

We recommend ZONE BOWLING parties for kids aged 5 and above to deliver the best experience for the children.

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Group & Corporate FAQs

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How long is an average event?

Events are typically 2-2.5 hours long. That allows plenty of time for arrivals, getting shoes and set up on the lane and of course eating and drinking . If you have a large guest count or would like to host a tournament style event, we suggest hosting a 3 hour event. However, if a 1 game package has been chosen the event will take 1-1.5 hours

How long does a game of bowling last?

One game of bowling lasts around 45 minutes to 1 hour with 5-6 people per lane.

How long does a game of laser tag last?

One game of laser lasts around 15 minutes, this doesn't include briefing and de-briefing.

How many people are required for a packages?

Group packages are available to groups of 10 or more. If your group is under 10 people, please contact us and we can suggest alternate options.

Do you do a better rate for our large group?

Group packages are already at a greatly reduced rate as they are offered to groups of 10 people or more only.

Who is my contact of the day of my event?

Once you arrive in centre your host will be your main point of contact for the entirety of your event. Our managers will oversee the operation of your event and are available to facilitate any onsite needs you may have.

How far in advance do I need to book my event?

We often receive group bookings 4-8 weeks in advance. However, we will always do our best try to accommodate your event at short notice.

How early should I arrive for my event?

We suggest that you arrive around 10-15 minute prior to your event, your lanes will be ready at the time your event is scheduled to begin.

What happens if I am running late for my booking?

Please contact us if you are running late as we prepare and start your lanes + food requirements according to your scheduled times on your event confirmation. However, we may be able to extend your lanes dependent upon the lane availability at the time your event ends.

Will our lanes be together?

Yes, when you confirm your event consecutive lanes are booked for your group.

Can I book for an adults and kids package together?

Of course. If you are expecting a mix of adults and children at your event it makes perfect sense that everyone can be included in the fun. Please speak with your Events Specialist to discuss the best options available for your group.

How do I make payment?

The final payment can be made on the day at the venue. Pre-payment can be made earlier in venue.

At the time that the event confirmation is returned, the client or the client's representative (as the case may be) must provide ZONE BOWLING with his or her credit card details in the manner directed by ZONE BOWLING. By signing this event confirmation, the client irrevocably authorises ZONE BOWLING to charge the credit card for all amounts due to ZONE BOWLING in connection with the event.

Payments may be made using any major credit card, electronic funds transfer or cash. In the event that the client wishes to pay by electronic funds transfer, the payment must be deposited into the following account:

Do we have to pay a deposit and how much is it?

A deposit equal to 50% of the estimated amount due to ZONE BOWLING in respect of the event must be paid at the time that the event confirmation is returned.

What if I need to cancel my event date?

If the event is cancelled by notice in writing received by ZONE BOWLING:

  • More than twenty-eight (28) days prior to the proposed event date, the deposit will be refunded in full;
  • Within five (5) to twenty-eight (28) days prior to the proposed event date, the deposit will be forfeited to ZONE BOWLING; or
  • Within zero (0) to four (4) days prior to the proposed event date, the deposit will be forfeited in full and the client will be liable to pay the balance of the estimated value of the event to ZONE BOWLING. Please note: Due to business demands we do not allow events to be postponed once deposit has been paid.

When do I provide my final number of guests?

The client must confirm the final number of guests that will be attending the event at least five (5) working days prior to the date of the event. If the client fails to do so, any payments due to ZONE BOWLING will be based on the number of guests specified in this event confirmation.

What are your prices?

All prices are current at the time of the quotation and may be subject to revision prior to receipt of a signed event confirmation. Prices are inclusive of the applicable goods and services tax.

Are we able to provide our own signage and decorations?

The display of banners, signs, labels, decorations or the like must be first approved by centre management and as such must not be nailed, screwed, glued, stapled or similarly adhered to any part of the bowling centre property.

Can I bring by own food and drinks to centre?

No food and beverage of any kind is permitted to be brought into the bowling centre.

Does ZONE BOWLING cater for all dietary requirements?

Should any of the client's guests have specific dietary requirements ZONE BOWLING will use its best endeavours to accommodate them. The client is required to advise its ZONE BOWLING event coordinator of any specific dietary requirements at least 5 working days prior to the date of the event. 

Does ZONE BOWLING have insurance to cover our property at our event?

We accept no responsibility or liability for loss or damage to property brought into the bowling centre and we suggest the client seek their own insurance to cover such an event.

What happens if we damage ZONE BOWLING property?

Loss or damage caused by the company or group, including its guests and contractors, to any part of the bowling centre or its equipment will be the responsibility of the company or group.

What is ZONE BOWLING's security policy?

Centre management reserves the right to exclude or eject any objectionable persons from the bowling centre. Security guards can be provided if your function requires them for an additional fee.

Does ZONE BOWLING provide the supervision of children?

Centre management will take all reasonable care but will not accept responsibility for the supervision and well being of a minor.

Can ZONE BOWLING provide me with a risk assessment for our event?

We can email or post a risk assessment at your request.

What are ZONE BOWLING's opening hours?

Select your venue to see their opening hours.

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